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October 2015

We had a fire!…and couldn’t put it out!

Those A Beka Book DVD teachers – you’d better watch out! Mrs. Pintar just taught a lesson in Language Development on Firemen and the Stop-Drop-and-Roll directives for putting out a fire. AbiNoelle, of course, was quick to demonstrate! Little did we know that just a few lessons away would come a much bigger fire – a fire that we couldn’t put out with a Stop-Drop-and-Roll!
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Was Anne of Green Gables right or wrong?


Since turning three, we have been helping AbiNoelle learn how to play independently for a span of time instead of being occupied by Mommy or Daddy. Audio stories have greatly aided us in achieving a successful and enjoyable independent playtime.  The latest addition to our audio collection, Anne of Green Gables, captured her attention as she listened to the new story for the first time. Not a peep was heard until Anne, Continue reading “Was Anne of Green Gables right or wrong?”

The one blog you can’t miss! READ NOW!

If you have read this blog previously, you know that we exert much effort in developing a love for learning and making each school day fun and interesting. However, as we grow, at some point, we are introduced to certain subject matter that is avoided by most, cringed at by some, and uncomfortable by all. One of those being – Death and dying. It’s not a subject that most of us typically wake up thinking about, much less decide to incorporate into our day’s homeschooling lessons. Nevertheless, it is a real aspect of life that has eternal significance; therefore, shouldn’t it be taught? Much preparation and development had been given to our end-of-life lesson (which we will detail below), but the day came when we finally had to face it – the Death lesson.
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