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August 2015

“Mommy, why can’t kindergarten…”

How’s your Monday? Well, this is what came of our Monday… –

Yesterday was a wonderful day in the Lord! From Sunday School time (so thankful for diligent teachers who prepare extra special lessons for AbiNoelle’s age) to Pee Wee Patch the Pirate Club (Jesus cares for His creation and meets our every need) to the beginning of Missions Conference – what a great way to start the week! Monday – Alarms sound, breakfast done, Bible time with Mrs. Wasser and on the day sails – quite smoothly for a Monday! And then, it happened. K4 was done and it was lunch time. AbiNoelle and I are munching away, when out came the question: “Mommy, why can’t kindergarten…
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It was that K4 teacher that made that LOOK!


Look at that face! What happened in school today? To be sure, there is certainly a surprise lurking around every corner in K4! But this lesson brought out many extreme feelings. Classtime began with two simple brown bags and something that was Mrs. Pintar’s favorite. Everyone was so excited as she described its appearance, its uses…right down to its origins in the land where Jesus walked when He lived on this earth. As many eager eyes watched, Mrs. Pintar slowly opened the bags and produced her surprise. She took a dramatic sniff and had all the children believing that her favorite would soon become their favorite. For many that would prove true, but for AbiNoelle….well, let’s just put it in her own words….
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No indigestion & You’ve never heard it like this before….

With a “twitter and a tweet” [I mean the nature alarm clock style not the social media version], we were back to our regular wake up, get up, and get dressed for school schedule this week. One particular day, we finished K4 DVD and headed into town for lunch and grocery shopping. As we sat down to eat, AbiNoelle asked if she could pray like she does for Mrs. Wasser in Bible time. I said that this was fine and we bowed our heads and folded our hands. She began, “Our Father, which art in heaven…” She forged ahead beautifully, “… Give us this day our daily bread…” And without missing a beat she continued with
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Police and a Pardon


“What’s in his pocket?” [giggle, giggle]
“I want to see…Can I see?” Mrs. Pintar always says that we should keep an eye on Button Bear because he is always up to something, and so it was this week as we focused on a new number. AbiNoelle couldn’t wait to check out Button Bears secret in his pocket right along with her friends in the A Beka K4 DVD class. So, with great anticipation, she reached in his pocket, and with lots of giggles and gasps, couldn’t believe what came out…

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She “cheated”

She cheated!… Yes, I know what you’re thinking. She’s only 3 years old – how could she cheat? It all began with Phonics time. This class is always filled with fun and games, saying the vowel chart, learning the names of each letter, the sounds that they make, and hearing that sound in words. imageToday, however, took a quick, shocking turn as AbiNoelle began shouting out the answers to Mrs. Pintar’s questions. Continue reading “She “cheated””

To Soak, to Sop, to Squeeze


Hoo! Hoo! she called to Mrs. Pintar. Our first K4 art project was such fun and so was the entire first week of K4 with Mrs. Wasser and Mrs. Pintar! It was full of soaking, sopping, and squeezing – you know all about that, right? The three S’s of K4. “I thought it was the three R’s,” you say. Well, let me explain…

You see, the first week of A Beka DVD in K4 takes the Shock and Awe approach.

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1st Day of K4 – The Ups and Downs

A full day of “Firsts” could have never been so exciting, and you’ll never believe what made her cry (more about that in a minute). AbiNoelle’s day started with her FIRST experience with an alarm clock. We had instructed her the night before that when her alarm sounded, she was to get out off bed and put her clothes on, which had been laid out in her room. Well, the humor for us began as we watched her on the monitor when the alarm sounded.
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Ready, Set…Almost Go!


The doors are closed, the lights are out, and now it’s time to……………WAIT ’til Monday! But, just for you readers, a little peek before Monday!

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