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September 2015

Definition of Family/ Husband & Wife Night

Just the other night, AbiNoelle proclaimed that it was Husband and Wife Night! For some that could be akin to the kindergarten teacher explaining how SHE and her WIFE cook together, spend time together, live together, etc. and then cunningly proposing to the class the question of whether or not THEY were a FAMILY. The books King and King and King, King, and Family further aggrandize the agenda. For AbiNoelle, when Mommy responded: “Yippee!…..what does that mean?”, in her own confident way she said, “Well, it means that…

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It Popped! – And do you know what came out?

Can you guess what happened?

What a week! We have so much to tell, but first…..the popping! Language Development class with Mrs. Pintar has been right on time. The Fall-like air has been teasing us a few mornings along with the allergies that tickle the nose. We’ve had a few itchy noses and sneezes around here, so the lesson on Healthy Bodies was a timely reminder. Mrs. Pintar taught and illustrated the fact of germs and the importance of using tissues, covering our coughs and sneezes and washing our hands. One illustration was quite memorable.

To prove how important it is to cover your mouth when sneezing or coughing, Mrs. Pintar brought out what every K4 child loves ( or at least, AbiNoelle) and what a lasting impression. It was a lesson learned with a ooey-yuck and wrinkled nose when Mrs. Pintar took that pin and
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Can you believe it! I’m so excited!


Giggles, squeals, and bubbling energy were barely contained as we started Phonics with Mrs. Pintar. The promise of the most special day had us antsy in our seats. After a little review with vowels and consonants to bring routine and order…it was finally revealed. Look what Mrs. Pintar had today…
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A Habit of Labouring – STOP HER, PLEASE!

From labor party riots in the 1800s to lazin’ on the river in 2015, America has “progressed” in many degrees from if you work you eat to a don’t work we’ll feed you society. Our family has personally experienced first-hand those, who with great needs in life, receive innumerable incentives from local, state, and federal agencies to stay in the gutter and take the hand-out instead of striving to rise above to develop a work ethic and personal achievement. Well, let it be known, that this house LABORS and a lot of times we LOVE it! On Friday, we had a fun activity planned that needed to start about mid-morning, so AbiNoelle hopped out of bed a little after 7am, pulled on her clothes, and ran into the school room to get started, you’ll never believe the next-day follow-up!
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