Giggles, squeals, and bubbling energy were barely contained as we started Phonics with Mrs. Pintar. The promise of the most special day had us antsy in our seats. After a little review with vowels and consonants to bring routine and order…it was finally revealed. Look what Mrs. Pintar had today…

a WORD. No, not letter, no not a blend, but today, the children would read words! Life has never been so exciting! The letters on the board were n – u – t. Now, wait just a minute. First, you must find and read the blend… n – u = nu. Then add the consonant…nu – t = NUT! “Ohhhh, Mommy! I read it – NUT!”

Sounding out the word – NUT
“I read the word – BAT!”

Next came…B – A – T. And she did it! She read a word!

But the excitment doesn’t stop there. Mrs. Pintar said that once we can read words, then the words can be put into a sentence. A sentence is kind of like a story.

“Who can use the word NUT in a story?” asked Mrs. Pintar.

So, around the room it went with the students creating a sentence/story with the word NUT.

Finally, it was AbiNoelle’s turn. Here’s her sentence:

I was sitting at my table and there was a chocolate chip cookie. I didn’t know who’s it was, and there was nobody there. I said, “Hello. Who’s cookie is this?” “It’s my sister’s,” said the brother. “Can we share?” The brother said we’d have to ask his sister, so we walked along. [Mommy put Mrs. Pintar on pause – “AbiNoelle, you’re suppose to be using the word NUT.”] Would you like to split your cookie part with her,” said the brother. So they walked along until suddenly they saw a giant huge whale! So they went to rescue the whale. They pulled and pulled until suddenly the whale came up in the air. The whale started to turn into a wall with words on it. “Look out, sister!” said the brother. [Mommy: “ABINOELLE, you are suppose to be using the word NUT!” “I’m getting there, Mommy.”] The sister looked at the brother and said, “Let’s go get some ice cream that has a nut on it.” Mmmm, it was delicious!

Wow-whee! I thought we’d never get there. (And that was nothing…you should have heard her retelling Mrs. Wasser’s story about Elijah and the woman that fed him. – Did you know that Elijah said, “Pardon me, ma’am. Can I have some bread?”)

Toooo funny!

Writing the blend – ne.

So from reading words, we jumped right into another BIG moment in writing. AbiNoelle is no longer just writing one letter at a time, but has learned how to join letters together to write a blend! What are we going to do when she starts writing stories!?!

Listening to Mrs. Pintar’s character story about Amber Lamb.

Bible time, ABCs and 123s, and don’t forget the Character Building lessons with Amber Lamb. AbiNoelle loves to hear Mrs. Pintar’s stories and Mommy and Daddy appreciate the many Character lessons on truthfulness, patience, obedience and more that have supported the Godly behavior that we are teaching AbiNoelle.

AbiNoelle folding Smiley Book cover.

This week was FULL, not only with schooling, but also with ministry tasks. AbiNoelle loves people! As she grows to learn of and love the Lord, we are also teaching her that Jesus loves and desires for all to come to Him. Through our ministry, we are printing a small 2 x 2 gospel tract booklet. We call it the “Smiley Book” because it has a cheery Smiley face that no one came seem to resist when you offer it to them. This week, we had the wonderful privilege of assembling and supplying 2,000 booklets to a church in Virginia for their soulwinners to use. AbiNoelle was thrilled to work alongside some special friends to make the booklets. What an opportunity to be able to touch many lives for Christ.

Life is exciting!

Can it get more exciting?  If it can…I’m sure AbiNoelle will have no trouble finding it!