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January 2017

How we do Family Bible Time

20170131_135705.jpgHow many talents did the servant who had been given five end up with at the very end of the story? Do you know? It’s Bible time at our house, and it’s neck and neck to climb the rainbow to the cross.  Thanks to Uncle Scott and Aunt Kate’s Christmas present, we have been having such fun testing each other’s Bible knowledge. Guess who’s winning? Continue reading “How we do Family Bible Time”

AbiNoelle’s Inauguration Day


It’s Inauguration Day! (Yes, we had to ask “What day is it, today?” about ten times before we learned that big word.)


From the exit at Blair House to the church service and then on to the Capitol, we took it all in somewhat in between all our regular school subjects.We even created a special Americana schoolwork area to help us get our classwork done and get in the spirit of this historical event.

Getting ready to sing “God Bless America” on the Capitol steps.

The pageanty and significance make this an awesome event in history to view, but all the more real for AbiNoelle since she has personally walked those Capitol halls, stood in the Rotunda, and has sung on the steps of the Capitol!







Today, she clapped, and listened, and held her hand on her heart as we watched America enter a new era.

She learned as we created a special Inauguration Day book and practiced terms like, oath, Inauguration, Vice-President, Commander-in-Chief, and more!

She reflected on all that she had seen and heard:

I’m sure his [Trump’s] children are very proud of him!

Look at all those police guards!

If I were there, I would sit right next to Donald J. Trump.

Ahhh, her[Mrs.Trump] dress is so pretty.

If I were President, I would run this country like God told me to.

(When Trump said there was a new vision — America First — AbiNoelle said:) What’s America Second?

He[Trump] has such strong, great, powerful words….It’s just amazing!

I’m sure she [Mrs.Obama] must be sad, right now because her husband is not President anymore and he’s going to have to go get a job now so he can pay for their groceries.

(She even got a little mesmerized during Trump’s Inaugural Address and began to mimic all his hand gestures – that was too funny!)

Inauguration Day 2017! We are thankful to be an American and glad we could use this day as a teaching moment in Kindergarten! We pray for President Trump, his family, Vice-President Pence and his family. God Bless America!

The new MLK. Are you bottom-up or top-down? What leads you – a hashtag?

20170117_094317.jpgThe day was off to a typical start – Our DVD program began with Mrs. Reese welcoming the boys and girls to class for the day and the printer was humming with Mommy’s work efforts in the office. As Bible Time concluded, a pensive yet slightly emotional AbiNoelle rushed to my side and spilled out the depths of her heart in just four simple words. Continue reading “The new MLK. Are you bottom-up or top-down? What leads you – a hashtag?”

Adding a few extras

Memories were made and miles logged over this CHRISTmas season, and now, it is January 2017 with regular school days back in session, albeit, with a fresh little bit of spice for life in some new resources AbiNoelle enjoyed during the break. Some of the “NEW” expanded her imagination, others stretched those brain cells, but one we share and review today, Continue reading “Adding a few extras”

I need a little time alone to…

It seems like just yesterday that we met Mrs. Reese and now it’s already 2017 and Day 100 of K5 is tomorrow! You have never seen so much excitement when Skills time came today. Here we are huddling near the heater as we wait for 6 inches of snow that fell over the weekend to melt and Mrs. Reese delivers a most unusual surprise Continue reading “I need a little time alone to…”

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