It seems like just yesterday that we met Mrs. Reese and now it’s already 2017 and Day 100 of K5 is tomorrow! You have never seen so much excitement when Skills time came today. Here we are huddling near the heater as we wait for 6 inches of snow that fell over the weekend to melt and Mrs. Reese delivers a most unusual surprise and proves Mommy WRONG!

So we had been out sledding and AbiNoelle says, “Mommy, do you think Mrs. Reese has snow right now?”

“No, Florida is so warm that they do not usually get snow.”

“That’s so sad.”

AbiNoelle is always so very interested in what Mrs. Reese thinks or is doing about some things. She hasn’t quite grasped the fact that the K5 DVD is not in “real-time.”

BUT, wouldn’t you know it. When AbiNoelle started Skills Time today, there was Mrs. Reese with a surprise for the class. In moments, she had produced the cutest little snowman you’ve ever seen! They had snow in FLORIDA!  What a happy time this made! To think that Mrs. Reese got to enjoy the snow and we were loving our “snow day” too!

It’s amazing how much growing and learning has 20161209_114910gone on! Just the other day, Mrs. Reese got out the growth charts. Measuring showed that AbiNoelle has grown a whole inch since the Fall!

She’s not only grown in height, but in reading ability. She is reading one and two-vowel words and figuring out so much on her own. It’s such a discovery when you can unlock those phonetic sounds and read a book all by yourself – and better yet when you can read the story to a friend!

Mysteries, biographies, and fanciful tales are such fun! But most precious are the words that she is coming to treasure. A few mornings ago, she struck a serious tone as we were preparing for the day.

“Mommy, since I’m all ready for school, can I have a few moments alone in my room.”


In surprise but equal seriousness, I agreed, but did ask what she needed alone time for. In great sincerity, she said, “I just want some time alone to read my Bible.” How precious are those words, and we pray that they will grow more precious still.





The Christmas season held great moments of sharing with family and friends.

AbiNoelle enjoyed playing an angel and a caroler in the church Christmas play.


Mommy and AbiNoelle worked together to create homemade Christmas mints and truffles for a special gift package for friends and those in the community.

We enjoyed spending time with Grandma and Grandpa and helping with the Christmas decorations.


Christmas was made a little merrier with a full day of arts and crafts and a special Christmas card from the A Beka teachers.

We even had fun (and nervous and scary moments) on Christmas keeping our tower standing.

And…a few presents were made even more special with a trivia game from the Princess Parables Christmas book and reading of the Nativity with MeMe and PopPop.

It was truly a joyous time and we are so thankful for these and the many other blessings of 2016!