20170131_135705.jpgHow many talents did the servant who had been given five end up with at the very end of the story? Do you know? It’s Bible time at our house, and it’s neck and neck to climb the rainbow to the cross.  Thanks to Uncle Scott and Aunt Kate’s Christmas present, we have been having such fun testing each other’s Bible knowledge. Guess who’s winning?

…of course – AbiNoelle! Those spelling questions are always a challenge for Daddy, and Mommy mis-figured the talents last night – YIKES!

It takes some planning and a good bit of searching, but you can find good, quality, King James Bible material to use helping your children grow spiritually. It’s always been our goal to incorporate as much age-appropriate material into our teaching and training as possible. The A Beka DVD program provides an excellent foundation. AbiNoelle’s favorite subject is Mrs. Reese’s Bible Time. She loves singing songs, learning verses, praying with her class, and hearing the Bible lessons. Just yesterday, she popped into my room, and said, “Mommy, I’ve got to tell you about the Bible story today….it was TREMENDOUS!” What a blessing to be able to have confidence in the influence you have placed before your child.

Bible Time also continues for us throughout the day as we learn larger Bible memory passages, listen to and learn new Bible songs, enjoy Christian-based books, and settle in for the night with Family Bible Time. This nightly habit is a great way to end the day. AbiNoelle always looks forward to it, and even complains on occasion when we go straight to bed after getting home from church instead of STAYING UP LATER for Bible Time.

Lately, our Bible Time has consisted of:20170131_134628.jpg

  •  A special Bible lesson from books we picked up at The Academy Bookstore while visiting Mrs. Reese. This set of KJV devotionals have provided a simple Bible concept, memory verse, and questions to cover each night.
  • Song practice  – we are usually learning a new song for church or personal enrichment that we take time to practice.
  • Occasionally, AbiNoelle wants to serenade us with her latest piano piece she has been20170131_134825.jpg learning. She is really enjoying the Bible piano book we also purchased at The Academy Bookstore. The B-I-B-L-E and God is so Good are the current favorites.
  • Sometimes we even take time to review portions of Scripture that we have memorized, like Matthew 27 & 28, Matthew 2, Luke 2, and the Books of the Bible.
  • And, of course, let’s not forget the Bible Trivia Game, which has become a highlight of each night and a great learning tool!20170131_135025.jpg

In the past, we have utilized:

  • Leading Little Ones to God20170131_134608.jpg
  • The Muffin Family Storybooks20170131_134704.jpg
  • A Beka Bible Flashcard Visuals
  • Aunt Carolyn Stories and other Children’s Bible Club Stories
  • And, during the holidays we like to implement timely object lessons like the Resurrection eggs at Easter or an advent countdown book at Christmas

In a nutshell – Family Bible Time for us is not necessarily just a nighttime habit, but lots of learning and enrichment that we all enjoy participating in throughout our day. What a blessing to be able to praise Him together as a family!