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A View of the Bar

Yes, you are correct. A view of the Bar? Bar means BAR! – as in beer, drunk, Asheville, NC. Our beautiful Asheville, NC, set in the Great Smoky Mountains has been quite overtaken by the liberal left and become the prime spot for Craft Beer and Breweries. “Oh be careful little eyes what you see?” song ditty has turned into “Oh be careful better close your eyes for sure” every time we venture downtown for a mail run. On this day in point, we rounded the corner from the Post Office and stopped at a traffic light. Right outside AbiNoelle’s window was a old mechanic shop turned beer joint and with a quick gasp she looked and said,  Continue reading “A View of the Bar”

Why we’re singing “Joy” to the World in September

Early this morning, Mommy was preparing for the day, Daddy had already kissed us goodbye, and AbiNoelle was stirring from bed. Before Mommy knew it, an urgent knock came to her bedroom door. It was followed by an emphatic, “Mommy, Mommy!” and soon she was singing “JOY to the World” all over the house.

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$1 and a Printing Education

Often our travels bring providential opportunities. Such it was for a trip to Milford, OH for the Bible Printing Summit with Bearing Precious Seed, yet you’ll never believe the return of a dollar and printing education received! Continue reading “$1 and a Printing Education”

The pig that wasn’t and the needle that was!

In the short, since our last blog, life has consisted of a rusty needle, lots of smiles, pigs that weren’t, books, clubs, and grasshoppers. Sounds like a true homeschooler, right? Got a little chuckle when we recently saw this cartoon: Continue reading “The pig that wasn’t and the needle that was!”

Can you believe it! I’m so excited!


Giggles, squeals, and bubbling energy were barely contained as we started Phonics with Mrs. Pintar. The promise of the most special day had us antsy in our seats. After a little review with vowels and consonants to bring routine and order…it was finally revealed. Look what Mrs. Pintar had today…
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