Early this morning, Mommy was preparing for the day, Daddy had already kissed us goodbye, and AbiNoelle was stirring from bed. Before Mommy knew it, an urgent knock came to her bedroom door. It was followed by an emphatic, “Mommy, Mommy!” and soon she was singing “JOY to the World” all over the house.

You see, for weeks, we’ve been dealing with our first loose tooth issue, but this morning, after Daddy’s goodbye kiss, the tooth simply slipped out of its place leaving some much needed room for the already growing big tooth. Well, you wouldn’t believe the excitement that rang out!

“It’s true, just like MeMe said, ‘It will eventually come out’.”

And that, it did, and there was great rejoicing throughout the house!

So, JOY is for  – her first tooth coming out!


Our weeks have been busy, offering up more reasons for JOY!

JOY – for Daddy and PopPop’s blessed trip to the Jungles to deliver Bibles to the Indians in their own languages. What an opportunity! Now, more doors are opening for further ministry opportunities there, and we look forward to seeing all that God will allow us to do in the days ahead.


JOY – healing when sick. Yes, unfortunately, AbiNoelle experienced her first sick day from school as a digestive issue attacked her system in an unusual way, precipitating a trip to the ER and pediatrician.


JOY – for our first field trip with the homeschool group. How amazing it was to visit the second largest fish hatchery in the U.S. and witness millions of trout eggs in the process of hatching. Of course, the best part of the tour for AbiNoelle was the feeding of the adult fish, and, boy, were they ready to eat. They flip-flopped and jumped to the surface at the sight of their food!


JOY – for special time spent with MeMe and PopPop. We have enjoyed traveling to churches to share all that God did with the Jungle Bible Project and the plans for the future. This also affords special moments as we serve as a family together.


JOY – for more learning in first grade. Miss Howe has been pouring on the learning. AbiNoelle was super excited to discover the details of a ruler, foot, inches, and the yard stick. “Look, Mommy! I’m taller than a yard stick!”


JOY – for Daddy enjoying another year. MeMe cooked a yummy chocolate cake for our celebration of Daddy’s birthday.


JOY – for the little things in life. We took a break from our “Labor” on Labor Day for a little time down at the river. “Boats Sail on River” has been AbiNoelle’s poem with Miss Howe, so we made some paper boats and had a river race. What fun! AbiNoelle’s boat took off around the bend and won hands-down.


JOY –  for first responders. We are thankful for the opportunity given in Activity Time with Miss Howe to learn about our policemen and other first responders, especially during this season of 9/11 remembrance.



JOY – for our new “JOY” to come in about a week. AmiJoy will arrive, Lord willing, on September 28th. AbiNoelle, Mommy and Daddy, and all our other family are thrilled to meet this new, blessed addition to our family.