Our review of Heirloom Audio Productions Captain Bayley’s Heir was filled with adventure from England to the Mississippi River and the California Gold Rush. The main plot keeps you in suspense over the fate of Frank who is desperate to clear his name from false accusation, while several other sub-plots add intrigue to the entire audio adventure. The professional cast, strong soundtrack and effects combined with G.A. Henty’s authorship and Bill Heid’s production team at Heirloom Audio Productions created a riveting story, making our family time unique and fun-filled.

Captain Bayley's Heir

Captain Bayley’s Heir is a wonderful tale set in both England and the American West. Frank, upon being wrongly accused at his school in England, leaves home and flees to America until he can clear his name and restore the trust of his family that he believes has been lost. His steps are Providentially directed as he is introduced to the grace of God on a riverboat along the Mississippi. Your imagination is captivated as his adventures continue through dangerous Indian territories and on into the gold rush country of California. The goodness of the Lord is exciting to behold as clearly each step told in the drama is in His plan for Frank’s life.

Heirloom Audio Productions is committed to providing Christian character-driven stories as they bring to life the stories of G.A. Henty. Although Henty lived in the 1800s, the lessons of his tales are finely crafted and timeless, meeting the needs of not only the English children who were required to read his pieces, but the audience of today who remains captivated under the world-class production and excellent cast offered by Heirloom Audio Productions visualization of the stories.
Heirloom Audio Productions
With a Christian foundation and dedication to the truth of history, audio dramas like Captain Bayley’s Heir provide an opportunity for the listener to activate and expand his imagination. The Gold Rush adventure of Frank offers thought-provoking circumstances not subtle innuendos and agendas. Going a step further, Heirloom Audio Productions makes available LiveTheAdventureClub.com which turns an audio story into an educational class with a downloadable or interactive study guide. In 38 pages, simple questions, thought-provoking questions, and dictionary exercises for the more advanced broaden the scope of the audio drama and reinforce key aspects to be learned chapter-by-chapter. The Study Guide gives an expanded reading book list for further enjoyment, reports, research, or writing assignment. Inset boxes within the guide offer history facts and tidbits to continue learning more about this time frame in American history. No doubt, this audio adventure could be a great enrichment tool for those studying about the California Gold Rush era, life on the Mississippi, or the Covered Wagon and Indian days.  LiveTheAdventureClub.com also provides a full-color illustrated E-Book download of Captain Bayley’s Heir, a soundtrack download, and other printables.


All the bonus material at LiveTheAdventure.com includes the following:

  • The Audio Drama –  Captain Bayley’s Heir
  • Captain Bayley’s Heir Original E-Book
  • Official Soundtrack
  • Printable Cast Poster
  • Downloadable Study Guide with Enrichment Ideas
  • Inspirational Hymn Poster
  • Desktop Wallpaper Download

LiveTheAdventureClub.com is currently offering a 3 month trial in which you would have discounted access to many other Heirloom Audio Productions and their complimenting study guides and bonus content. With the 3-month trial, you can purchase Captain Bayley’s Heir for $1.00! The website also offers many other educational resources, kid activities and scores of other Old Time Radio dramas that the family will enjoy.

You won’t be disappointed as you experience audio dramas like Captain Bayley’s Heir!

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