Often our travels bring providential opportunities. Such it was for a trip to Milford, OH for the Bible Printing Summit with Bearing Precious Seed, yet you’ll never believe the return of a dollar and printing education received!

As we pulled into the parking lot of Bearing Precious Seed in Milford, OH to unload our ministry materials for the Bible Summit, we were dodging rain storms and oppressive humidity, but AbiNoelle was thrilled to dash around the puddles to the print shop. Our ministry publication was just coming off the presses in time for the Summit, and it was a special treat to see all the big equipment- the whole operation – and gather up a few of the first copies of the publication. You could even smell the fresh ink coming from the pages! The Summit was a blessing as we met with various ministries committed to the printing of gospel materials and AbiNoelle even benefited further as she experienced her first horderves and cello lesson!

This was also the same print shop that recently printed copies of John and Romans in Jungle languages for PopPop and Daddy to take to indigenous Pastors in Colombia. AbiNoelle has worked and prayed for this project. Many times, as she has participated in church services by quoting passages of Bible Memory while we travel, folks have been blessed by her service and given her a little bit of pocket money. Without being prompted [which makes this story all the more precious], AbiNoelle has decided each time to give her money to help with the Jungle Bible Project. After the printing of the Scriptures, AbiNoelle was also able to help our local church folks assemble the John and Romans and ready them for shipping. What an awesome project – to be able to put your hands on Scriptures that will go all the way into the Jungle! And now, Daddy and PopPop are on their way to deliver God’s Word — but wait, we’re getting ahead of the story…


After seeing the printing operation of Bearing Precious Seed, our family was given gift passes to the Creation Museum. It was a special treat to visit the museum at the conclusion of the Summit. 20170715_131047The gardens were beautiful, the 7 C’s of history were clearly presented, but one exhibit turned into an excellent follow-up to all that AbiNoelle had learned so far about printing – the Gutenberg Press. Daddy enjoyed explaining the history of that press and we realized a great appreciation for the modernization of printing to-date.

It seems our story would end here, but it didn’t. Some days later in our home town, as we were doing some shopping errands, an older gentleman approached AbiNoelle and handed her a dollar bill. We were all a bit taken back by the kindness, but PopPop and AbiNoelle promptly offered a “Thank you” and smiley-face tract to the man. He then proceeded to explain that one of his favorite activities was to “invest in the next generation” by giving them a dollar. What an act! – and yet the older man really had no idea to the extent his investment would go. As we continued on with our shopping, Mommy placed the dollar in her purse for safe keeping until AbiNoelle found something she wanted to buy. Surprisingly, we hadn’t made it very far, when AbiNoelle asked for her dollar. With a wrinkle of her brow, Mommy said, “You want your dollar already? What do you want it for?” AbiNoelle pleaded with quiet insistence that she needed that dollar back until Mommy insisted more emphatically that she reveal her intentions. It was then that AbiNoelle explained that she wanted that dollar to go toward the Bible project. Perhaps that gentlemen will never know that his dollar investment traveled through a child’s hand and into the Jungle presenting God’s precious Words to those who, perhaps for the first time, will hold in their hands Scriptures in their own language.

From the Gutenberg press to today’s modern equipment, the impact of a dollar and a willing heart, a great difference can be made for eternity!