The doors are closed, the lights are out, and now it’s time to……………WAIT ’til Monday! But, just for you readers, a little peek before Monday!

It’s been a week of cleaning out, organizing and preparing. As former Christian school teachers, we are used to the idea of spending one week in dedicated preparation for the upcoming school year. Some schools called it “in-service”. You know, the time when papers are sorted, new bulletin boards designed, classrooms cleaned ( in one school we even got on our hands and knees in column-like search parties and felt along the carpet for lost staples – that was a clean place for the glory of the Lord!) Of course, we all know that many other unaccounted hours go into getting fully prepared for the school year, and just the same it is for homeschooling. We may only be sorting papers for one instead of twenty – nevertheless they must be sorted, for that one is just as precious as twenty.

So, here we are at Mission Academy, eagerly waiting for Monday Day 1. And might I add that a little “someone” is having quite a difficult time waiting.

This year’s K4 schoolroom

This school year’s decorations went up early Thursday morning and since then, the room has been closed off and AbiNoelle is simply beside herself to see in the schoolroom – oh…the anticipation!

No doubt, it would be a fun time to be able to see the many creative homeschool classrooms that moms and dads have designed, but none could be more exciting than seeing your very own schoolroom. We have a very small space; however, lots of attention has been given to make it a cheerful, interesting, and learning-friendly space. Here’s what we have waiting for AbiNoelle on Monday – You get a sneak peek!

♥Her desk is ready with necessary K4 tools: Nametag, scissors, glue, triangular crayons and pencil.

Daily Schedule Cards

♥Daily Schedule Cards

♥Bible Verse Sticker Chart

♥Weather/Calendar Chart

♥Magnetic Chalkboard

♥Felt space at the bottom of bulletin board


File Drawers with daily papers and supplies

♥Plastic drawers filled with extra projects required for Skills Development time – i.e. puzzles, lacing cards, beads, crafts…

♥A place where I will place each day’s papers so that she can “pass the papers” when instructed by the DVD teachers

♥File drawer – one file folder for each week of school which includes that week’s papers paper clipped together by days, ziploc bags filled with art project supplies, awards/stickers, visual aids needed for the day

♥Monitor and DVD player for A Beka K4 DVD program

Yes, all this took some time, but no more time than what we would have given as a full-time teacher in a classroom. Truthfully, all the decor, files and organization aspects were all completed during one EARLY morning. So now, we wait, and the intrigue is building to a GIANT CRESCENDO! There’s no telling what Monday morning will sound like around here, but one thing’s for sure – “I’m so excited!” could not be said more than right here in our house!