Has that moment ever hit you?…that moment when you feel like every hair is out of place and so is every other thing in the house. Everything becomes annoying. The little things become aggravating. HELP! – I need help! Well, that moment definitely flooded over me this week. Clothes were piled everywhere as I endeavored to sort and ready some for resale, give-away, and keep. What a mess, and school is to start in a week. And, of course, when you start cleaning out, you just find more to clean out! I was sure when Steve came home and saw all the trash bags, he would be convinced that nothing was left in the house – I had thrown it all away.

The mission this week was clear – Clean out and get organized! For me, there is no better way to start off a school year than to clean out and get organized. How can you learn…How can you teach…when you know that closet is full of junk and a big mess! Well, I can’t. So with a big cup of coffee and some serious determination…down came all the preschool decor, out came the trash bags, and organization came to the rescue (even for that closet!). It’s amazing how quickly things can become disarrayed. I guess that’s a part of being in the faulty world. Imagine Eve’s first days of perfect order. God had designed and created it all with such order, and then – SIN. Someone has said that blame is simply a lazy person’s way of making sense out of chaos. Surely chaos and blame do not follow the intent of our Creator! But let everything be “done decently and in order (I Cor. 14:40).” This is a never-ending work in progress that we strive for continually. AbiNoelle learned Luke 2, the Christmas Story, at age 2, Matthew 28, the Resurrection Story, at age 3, and now, she is working on Genesis 1. God’s desire for orderliness is clearly seen in His creation week. With this thought forefront, we have been motivated to clean, organize, and prepare all K4 school material (more on that in the next blog) so that we can begin next week with a clean slate – literally and figuratively.