What fun completing the 18-24 month, two-year-old, and three-year-old A Beka Program.

“Mommy, do I..?”- Well, let me first give an introduction before I tell you what she asked.

In an earlier post, I mentioned that it seems that we have always been homeschooling. I grew up as a homeschooled child, then full-time teaching kept me engaged in education, foster care involved ALOT of one-on-one tutoring, and, since being blessed with our own, Steve and I both have reveled in all of our learning experiences so far. We have exerted much effort since day one to develop a love of learning in her. I think we have achieved that! She has loved her little desk, and is constantly asking to be taught something. Now, the latest conversation revolves around, “Mommy, do I know everything yet?” “No,” I say, “Remember, the more you grow, the more you know.” And that is the goal…to grow and learn…academically, spiritually. Truly, Jesus was the ultimate example as He grew in “wisdom and stature and in favor with God and man.” He was and is the greatest of teachers, so, no doubt, He places prioritized importance upon education. How sad it is to see the young and old alike at some point decide that they have no need of learning anymore. One, I guess, pet-peeve I had as a teacher was to see the flaunting of mutilated textbooks at the end of the school year. I remember one student bragging that his Dad had told him that he could use his textbooks for target practice. The attitude of achievement and accomplishment was replaced with detest for books and learning. Just recently, one newly retired pastor said the other day that he had no need for reading material now that he was no longer in the pulpit. How sad for him and those that he might still be able to minister to. May we never say, “I’m done learning!” But dig deeper and grow more with the enthusiasm of those young ones during their first days of school!