Twisted Carrots

As amateurs, we decided to try growing a few veggies this year. Not having a green thumb, we have been greatly surprised by what has grown in our garden this year. AbiNoelle has learned the new word “massive.” We have had massive tomato plants. Massive squash plants. Massive cucumber plants. And massive watermelon vines. Some of the produce has even gotten away from us and become massive itself. However, the carrots have been a different story. Apparently, from the beginning, we did not thin the seedlings as we should have. So lesson learned: dreadful things can happen when you don’t do right from the start. Just like in our life, if we start out with what we might incorrectly term as a little sin, and if we don’t correct that and “thin it out,” we will get closer and more twisted up with sin. SURELY, before we know it, our life will have become miserably twisted by the sin that we did not stay far away from. So today, in growing a garden lesson, we learned not only that it is important to thin the carrot seedlings, but also to stay away from sin, because if we get too close we’ll just get all twisted up in the ugly wickedness of this world. Psalm 34:14