AbiNoelle being introduced to her K4 teachers.

AbiNoelle has always been excited about school! Just recently she was asked by someone if she was ready for school to start. “Yes! I have a new school … you know, kindergarten … K4 … my teachers are Mrs. Wasser and Mrs. Pintar.”

What a joy it was for mommy to hear this conversation. I know from talking to other homeschool moms, it seems that, many times, they cannot even consider the DVD program because they feel that they would have to give up the privilege of being their child’s teacher. I think I have a unique perspective on this topic because of being a homeschooled child, a teacher, and now a parent of a homeschool  child. I also had the one-of-a-kind experience of working with hundreds of teachers and homeschoolers through my dad’s Ministry.  I even had the opportunity to teach with Mrs. Wasser, who will be AbiNoelle’s K4 teacher on the DVD program.  Now, with all of those experiences in my back pocket, I often take time to reflect on all that I have learned.  No doubt, I received an excellent teacher’s education at Pensacola Christian College and am well capable of teaching AbiNoelle the K4 program myself. However, I know, without a doubt and from personal experience, that there is no way I can make K4 more enjoyable or even as enjoyable as the DVD program can make it for her. God has given us such a precious gift, and I want to, with the Lord’s help, give her the very best that I am capable of giving to her. Therefore, we have determined to make a decision based on what is best for AbiNoelle.

I can’t wait! She can’t wait! But we are waiting – two more weeks – to start school in August.