Here we are, riding along enjoying our beautiful mountains on the way to church, when out of the blue she says, “Hey guys…is our President, President Obama?”

We looked at each other, and with much hesitancy about what might come next, we said, “Yes, he is our President.”

“Is he a good President?”

Thankfully, Daddy was both literally and figuratively in the driver’s seat, so Mommy just turned and waited for the appropriate response.

Daddy carefully explained that President Obama does many things that we believe would not be the best for our country and that God’s Word opposes. But, you know AbiNoelle…the questions just kept coming!

“Like what?” she asked.

“Well, President Obama says that it’s OK for some people to do things that God’s Word calls sin. I think if he would carefully read the Bible and go to church regularly to hear the preaching of God’s Word, he could learn what God calls right and wrong. We need to pray that he will listen to God and obey him.”

“Yeah, that’s what Mrs. Wasser says…that we need to pray that our President will make wise decisions,” she stated matter-of-factly.

And to that – we said, “Thank you, Mrs. Wasser!”

Boy, those questions can get tough, even at four-years-old. And, of course, it was quite humorous, once we stepped into the sanctuary, to hear her immediately seek out her friends in order to explain that our President was President Obama and that he needed to go to church!


From D.C. to December Decor (a much more pleasant topic)….


We introduced December in the schoolroom with our advent cupcake tree! AbiNoelle and Mommy had fun making Happy Birthday, Jesus cupcakes for our board. 25 cupcakes represent not only the countdown to Jesus’s birthday, but also our gift to HIM! Sometimes it can be hard, as a small child, to think of something to give to Jesus…so this year, we thought of what was most precious – His Word! Each day, AbiNoelle is memorizing one verse from Matthew 2. This is the “wisemen” portion of the Christmas story. Last year, she memorized Luke 2:1-20. (You can watch her quote Luke 2 ) For Easter this year, she memorized Matthew 28 (Watch Matt. 28 ) As we count down the days, Bible memory will be her special gift to Jesus.


School time is filled with great learning fun with Mrs. Pintar. Even our clown got to dress up for Christmas.

Numbers time was full of different things to count…

Counting Clothespins
Counting pennies and learning to save money!


Finding the number for Mrs. Pintar!

And we even took time to see some Christmas lights and make some sweet gingerbread houses with MeMe and PopPop!20151203_171856_resized