As a family, we enjoy sharing this blog with family, friends, and many others as a testament of what God is doing in our lives. That testament became tarnished recently as WordPress, the host of the blog, allowed an undesirable ad to pop-up at the bottom of one of our posts. These ads are uncontrolled by the “free” account user and can be different for every viewer of the blog, but are suppose to be quite generic/general ads that would be unoffensive. Clearly, “unoffensive” to the world was quite unacceptable to this family. At this time, we have chosen to upgrade to the “paid” blog account to immediately remove the unacceptable pop-up ad at the bottom of our blog. (How disgusting that we must pay to remove the inappropriate, unnecessary, unrelated, and to many – offensive – material.) Please accept our apology if you viewed the blog and discovered this material, which is now blocked. We look forward to all of you continuing to follow our story.

Steve and Rebekah Lilly

Note: With this upgrade, our site address is upgraded to-