Deliveries abound around our place this summer – so much so that we’ve even had to set up a special delivery drop-off zone for the mail man! Aren’t deliveries fun? In just the first few weeks of our summer we have been blessed by special deliveries – some by mail truck and others by…

…There used to be a song sung quite often in church years ago, especially around Christmas time. The chorus said:

He came special delivery, wrapped up in love,
bound by a promise, sealed by a dove
And filled with the spirit, carried by grace,
you knew where He was goin’, by the look on His face.

Truly the most special delivery we’ve ever received has been the Saviour. In our family of three (soon-to-be four), we rejoiced when AbiNoelle chose Jesus as Lord and Saviour on October 2, 2015. Just last night, she again took another step – a step into the waters – to be baptized. This special blessing was delivered and placed in our hearts and memories forever. Making it even extra special was PopPop taking her hand and baptizing her, picturing what Jesus has done for us:
Buried in the likeness of His death…Raised in the likeness of His Resurrection.
Praise the Lord! and Halleujah!
Isn’t it amazing how the Lord works out all the details! We are so thankful that Pastor Dotson asked PopPop to participate in this moment and for the new Bible presented to AbiNoelle by the Little Ivy Church, of which she slept with after coming home Sunday. Live Streaming made it possible for Grandma and Grandpa Lilly to view and Praise the Lord with us from hours away. We also rejoice with twelve others who were baptized that night.
Down into the water…
Getting ready with PopPop’s special handkerchief.
“Buried in the likeness of His death…Raised in the likeness of His Resurrection.”
Receiving her new Bible! Thank you Little Ivy!
Testifying: “I’ve wanted to get baptized for a long time, but I guess I just never got around to it. I’m excited to be baptized tonight!”

Well, hardly anything could top that special delivery of blessing, but we must admit there was quite a bit of excitement for mail call on two other occasions.



AbiNoelle’s new First Grade Material arrived from A Beka Book – DVDs and all! The new books are beautiful and we’ve enjoyed looking through them all, rearranging our school area to be more First Grade friendly, and collating and organizing all the materials. We’ll be ready before you know it!



The official proof that K5 is complete! AbiNoelle’s final report card was received along with a signed diploma from A Beka Academy and her teacher, Mrs. Reese! How exciting!!

There’s much more to share, with activities mounting, but that’s for another blog – stay tuned and watch for those special deliveries in your own life – God is good!