beeThe heat of the summer is on, even for us here in the mountains! The bees are buzzing!….and not just the bees, but the B’s!


One of the most anticipated weeks of the summer is certainly Vacation Bible School. What an opportunity for the church to reach the children in a time designated just for Bible teaching and reaching on their level! It was our privilege to blocked this week on our calendar (although Daddy took a quick trip to visit Grandpa who was sick and in the hospital) to attend, help, and enjoy this fun-filled week at our local church. Mommy and Daddy worked together to help further develop the decor surrounding the “Building” theme. Even AbiNoelle got in on painting the bulldozer!




In the midst of our buzzing all around, we worked to have a little raised bed garden. AbiNoelle loves to go out and pick a few peas and eat them right away out of the pod – YUM! Mommy and Daddy enjoy the squash and we all have indulged in the fresh green beans!



This July Mommy and Daddy took a day to celebrate and thank the Lord for 13 years of marriage. The gardens were beautiful and dinner together delicious. We tried to improve (or should we say, develop some sort of technique) for taking selfies, but our efforts fell short, at least with “postable” photos. Thank goodness the success of marriage isn’t dependent on the selfie!




July 4th ended with a boom as we “roped” in a Western good ‘ole time for America’s Birthday. Our little cowgirl (we’ve been reading about Annie Oakley over the past few weeks, so AbiNoelle wanted to be called “Annie” that night!) was super excited about those fireworks!

Even with all these B’s a buzzing during this summertime, our travels for the ministry continue. We’ve just returned from a special trip and can’t wait to share it with you…in the next blog!