I was once told that “History is the key to our past,” yet, while so true, it seems that many are trying to get us to jam that key into another door – a door that would open the minds of young people to a world where truth has been re-interpreted, twisted or erased to meet the agenda of a leftists few. After reading of the stripping of the Laura Ingalls Wilder award by the American Library Association, I was all the more tickled to hear AbiNoelle’s gasps as she rushed out of the schoolroom to tell me this surprising fact:“Mommy did you know that the Little House books were around when Mrs. Chappell was a kid! I can’t believe it! (dramatic pause) I wonder, if those books were around when Grandma and Grandpa were kids? – Now, that would really be something!”

Thank goodness for Abeka History which still includes and teaches the HISTORY of our great country. Yes, many mistakes have been made, some very tragic, but that does not change history, nor should it change its interpretation or the way it is taught. Just recently, I received a survey, due to an earlier visit we made, from James Madison’s Montpelier. The survey, requested by their Constitutional Think-tank, clearly and quickly revealed that this extension of Montpelier is nothing more than a back-door movement toward removing our ancient landmarks. While visiting, we even stumbled upon a meeting between SBI and others regarding implementation of Constitutional rights, while letting AbiNoelle do a backyard archeological dig. We enjoyed our tour of Madison’s house, yet it only fueled our family’s desire to conduct a little personal study on the Constitution, of which AbiNoelle has become quite involved. This research has dove-tailed nicely with the strong Americana theme presented during the first six weeks of her Abeka history classes this year. As extra-curricular projects, she has been not only learning details about the Constitution and acquiring skills necessary to defend it, but, as a result, we launched “The Tweety-Pie, Junior Tutor” channel on vimeo.  This has become a prime venue for AbiNoelle to teach as she learns. We are so excited! And we hope you will check it out and learn right along with her! Because, as she reminds us at the end of each lesson, “the truth shall make you free!”

Along with our Little House discovery in history time, Mrs. Chappell has also filled her days with other great learning.


Learning a complete thought.
Playing the Spelling Spaghetti game.
Learning the 3 Family Phone Number.


AbiNoelle also submitted a Constitution Poster for the National Constitution Day Poster Design Contest.


The Crazy Hat Night at Master’s Club was a blast! She won “Most Creative.”20180925_210714.jpg

W20180913_180022.jpge had a great time surprising Daddy when he came home with a fun birthday celebration.







Sewing time has also been a new adventure for AbiNoelle (she made some great “Sewing with AbiNoelle” videos, too, but we’ll keep those just for us, right now;) She completed her first project – A doll, bandana, skirt, stick horse, pillow, and blanket.


And, not to be left out, AmiJoy has been right in the thick of it all with big sister. She was excited to have a fun day out and learn about the firemen. And just as much fun was the big lego block time during our library visit. She is soon to turn “1” and we can’t wait to celebrate!