I love talking about education, reading about education, and EDUCATING! Because of the variety of opportunities given to us by the Lord, I have been able to personally chat with hundreds if not thousands of homeschoolers and teachers. In conversation, curriculum choice, processes, practices, worldviews, and opinions (and this group of people tend to tip the scales with “opinion”) seem as vast as the sands on the seashore and many times as changeable as an old hat. In this day of political correctness, blurred gender distinctions, and equality, many would t0ut that education should, at its very core, stem from a place of neutrality. Whether Common Core, Outcome -based, STEM, No Child Left Behind, bureaucrats insists they have the answer to quality, NEUTRAL education; however, the ages of time illustrate that basic assumptions of life and of the purpose thereof, guide and direct thoughts and actions creating a worldview which shape the very essence of curricula. I never cease to be amazed at the many educators (homeschoolers or schoolteachers) who, over time, adapt or follow suit completely with such experimental platforms, allowing corrupt politics to influence the minds and hearts of students. Many years ago, we had the awesome privilege of traveling throughout the western Canadian provinces. At that time, the government began offering homeschoolers hundreds of dollars per child in vouchers to purchase educational supplies. Computers, equipment, and all that book publishers had to offer were purchased with money to spare. The following year, limited restrictions were placed on the voucher money. Within another short time, “facilitators” were assigned to visit in the home of each family in order to personally approve of each textbook and check that the scope and sequence outlined by the government was being followed. Yet, many continued to reluctantly comply, unable to give up the money. Today, with a jaded view, we observe U.S. Christian schools “thriving” under government vouchers, some even changing their whole financial structure to achieve the maximum payout, and we wait for the strings to be attached and pulled tight. With government schools not only ejecting God, the pledge, the Bible and injecting marriage corruption, condoms, and boys in the girls bathroom, I wonder why is that we want anything that a government education system has to offer. Surely common sense, much less the Bible, indicates that there must be something better. I actually just read a well-meaning author who, trying to help the Christian teaching in a public school, illustrated how to use the curriculum examples by deleting references to God, the Creator, and the Fall of Man in order to comply with the “neutral” mandate of the public school curriculum. I personally can’t imagine standing before God and trying to explain why I “deleted” Him so I could stay “neutral.” Inevitably, certain values will be promoted making a “neutral” curriculum impossible. One preacher said it this way, “You can’t absolutely teach that there are no absolutes!” As Christians, our view of the world through God’s eyes should dictate the what, how and and why of education – not money, facilitators, or bureaucrats!  Surely we do not need to limit the Greatest Teacher by relying on the government for educational hand-outs. As AbiNoelle said, when she asked how it was that words could come out of our mouth, “God sure is powerful!” And that He is….and every page of our curriculum should indicate such.

Avoiding the “neutral” gear, we kept it in drive, completed K4, said goodbye to Mrs. Wasser and Mrs. Pintar, and began a busy summer.

Our days were filled with ministry traveling, fun times, gardening, visiting the camp where PopPop was saved, VBS, celebrating PopPop’s and Grandpa’s birthday, helping repair the dishwasher, visiting the Brainerd Mission, and completing PeeWee Club! AND wondering when K5 would begin!

Soon enough, books and DVD’s arrived and the preparation began. Art project supplies were organized, worksheets filed, bulletin board redesigned, and crayons, pencils, scissors, and glue readied.

Welcome to K5!


Mrs. Reese is going to be such a fun teacher!

AbiNoelle has already enjoyed the wiggle worm game, phonics under the umbrella, play-doh letters and water in the ziplock bag (that’s for another blog).

All this surrounded by the reminders of who God is, His design for the family, and His Gospel plan. How thankful we are for the review of Salvation, God’s gift and plan for man, throughout the first week of Bible. AbiNoelle’s heart was filled and overflowing as she said, “I can’t wait to go to Heaven…I wonder when Jesus is coming back!” And with that thought, we begin a new school year facing each day humbled and determined to fulfill our teaching and training responsibilities as Christian parents, for soon we shall stand before Him and must be ready to give account – no “delete” or “neutral” available there!