The office was humming, and AbiNoelle was busy about her work. Of course, she is ALWAYS BUSY! – So that wasn’t unique; yet, her concentration and determination with this particular task was longstanding. As she worked, her continual commentary revealed the deeper lesson being learned. “I’m being

diligent, Mommy. I’m working hard, Mommy.” And when she finished her task, a big smile spread across my face when she announced, “I accomplished my job, Mommy.”

Diligence, Accomplishment, Work Ethic – all things that are not taught and learned in a moment of time, but explained, drilled, encouraged, impressed, and practiced until such becomes habit. No doubt, the “habit” seed has been planted within AbiNoelle. Now for the careful tending….

Accomplish – that she did! K4 is complete. How do you know when you have finished a grade of school? You’ve:

  • memorized all the K4 Bible verses
  • read all the K4 reading books
  • learned the last poem
  • sang the last song
  • written your first and last name in cursive
  • answered the “1” addition family
  • emptied all the school workpage files
  • put in the last A Beka DVD – lesson 170, and
  • bid a sad farewell to Mrs. Wasser and Mrs. Pintar.

Way to go, AbiNoelle! You have persevered to complete all the K4 work, and all that you have learned is proof of your diligence.

And now, it is time to turn from days of K4 to the “big girl” world of K5!

We had such fun “graduating” and celebrating with grandparents!


What a GREAT Year! As parents, we are thrilled and thankful for all that was accomplished and are looking forward, with as much eagerness (I must say) as AbiNoelle, to what awaits her in K5! And so, on that note….

Look what came in the mail today!…
Yeah!!!…K5 books!