Well…she took Washington D.C. by storm!…or should we say, it took her? Participating in Awake America’s Capitol Connection was filled with many SWEET memories and will be long remembered by AbiNoelle. People, preachers, Congressmen, Senators, and more to meet everyday – how exciting! On our last night in town, as we drove through the streets towards our hotel, she just couldn’t express enough that we must…

…you got it – MOVE TO WASHINGTON D.C.! It was exciting, exhilarating, the hustle-and-bustle, the big buildings, beautiful flowers, people, meetings, history…there was so much to experience! In a nut shell, our trip consisted of:

Early morning bus rides to Capitol Hill to meet with Congressional leaders

Evening Revival Services in the Arena

Listening to the Music Ministry of Patch the Pirate in the Arena

Midnight Spiritual Heritage tour of the Capitol

Singing “Amazing Grace” in the Rotunda

Sitting on the House Floor listening to Congressman Franks share his passion for the defense of Life at Any Stage!

Praying in the office of Congressman Meadows and Senator Tillis

Walking the streets of D.C.

Taking a quick dash into the History Museum to see the First Ladies dresses (Mrs. Bush’s red dress was the favorite.)

Hearing many Congressional leaders given their testimonies

What an opportunity! Upon returning home, she was bubbling forth with a wealth of descriptions for our friends about her trip. After telling many details to a friend, she ended by saying, “But we didn’t get to see the President, because he wasn’t expecting us!”


Since returning, it’s been full steam ahead with homeschooling and ministry activities.

We enjoyed an afternoon with our homeschool group.


A Special camp-out was great fun with MeMe and PopPop – especially the big fire pit!

On Easter Sunday, AbiNoelle quoted 51 consecutive memory verses in church. You can watch her practice here:

K4 is going strong. It’s amazing how much she is reading now – One and two vowel words and storybooks. Of course, Mrs. Pintar keeps everything new, interesting, and exciting, too. Even her SOUR lesson turned out to be a lot of fun! Less than 20 lessons to complete and then we will have a K5 student!

Marking vowels with Mrs. Pintar.
Cringing at the lesson on opposites – sour versus sweet!