THE “LASTS” have overwhelmed us! It was inevitable…time does roll on…Lesson 170 was a promise! It was all pretty exciting. We began a countdown. We checked things off the list. But before you knew it…

Science was completed!20170410_130655.jpg

Then came the last cursive writing!


Then the final test of K5!


It was all pretty exciting until….

…Mrs. Reese said, “Goodbye.”


Then it came. Really? Must we? This is sad, not exciting! Don’t go Mrs. Reese! “No one will ever take the place of Mrs. Reese in my heart,” she said.


But, thankfully, Mrs. Reese’s encouraging words and pep talk about 1st grade finally gave way to a smile!


She’s DONE…completed…accomplished…WOW!

We’re ready to mail in our last set of tests for report cards and return all the K5 DVDs.20170418_145945.jpg

The proof is in the pudding! She has learned so much this year. Look at that Portfolio! Achievement Test scores are back, and we couldn’t be more pleased.


Now, we’re ready for a little break and celebration before First Grade.

The celebration is coming soon, but, in the meantime, what a treat to be able to stop by for a visit with Grandma and Grandpa!