God’s World – what an appropriate title for a child’s first science book! AbiNoelle has soaked up each lesson this semester with Mrs. Reese as they have observed, explored, and examined. Each day has been filled with eye-popping pictures, the “WOW!” experiments, real-life stories, things to feel, see, and taste – What FUN! And it all has been centered around a simple phrase, “Look what God has done!” We truly serve an awesome Creator of all, and it couldn’t be more pleasurable to enjoy a science class focused on God’s wonders.20170329_114923.jpg

As I listen to Mrs. Reese pour into each student a love for the Creator and His creation, it sends me to my knees in thanksgiving that we are not being infiltrated with a God-denying agenda that would teach evolution as a fact and reduce “God’s World” to a gooey blob beginning. My father testifies to the rank evolutionary influence of secular education in public school in the 60s and 70s when his teacher defiantly preached that God was just a crutch in the minds of feeble men. Other young people have shared personal stories of being subjected to homosexual, transgender, evolutionary, and other anti-God influences within their public school classroom. Of course, we all remember some ten years ago when a public school teacher exposed young elementary students to a homosexual romance through the picture book King and King, and just recently, right here in my own home state, Charlotte public schools sought to teach transgender behavior through Jacob’s New Dress. Praise be that I personally was never subjected to such “education,” that our daughter is not being influenced by such, and that we have the freedom to choose a God-honoring curriculum for our homeschool.

As we near the last day of the K5 DVD program, AbiNoelle feels a little like Anne at Green Gables when she just wanted to “drink it in” – you know the sight, sounds, fragrance, and beauty. Just a few days remain and the year has been so fulfilling that, as time ticks, she just wants to savor each moment with Mrs. Reese, learning and loving to learn all that she can.

This week was not only filled with the ten addition family, the Road to Emmaus Bible lesson, Revival at church, and a quick surprise dinner with Uncle Scott and Aunt Kate who were passing through while traveling,20170405_191818.jpg but also her first Achievement tests. Monday through Thursday, she listened, analyzed, and, on occasion, took her best guess and completed all those questions. With this complete and the arrival of graduation paraphernalia, it seems that truly K5 will soon be complete! End-of-the-year plans are well under way and wait until you see her portfolio – what an accomplishment!