20170311_104131.jpgWho ever knew a kid could be so excited about achievement tests! Well, leave it to AbiNoelle to get excited about a test. It’s hard to believe that we are within a month of completing the K5 school year! Soon our little worker will finish that last page of seatwork (What a RELIEF!), look back at all she has accomplished this year, and with a smile of satisfaction be able to enjoy a good time of celebration with our homeschool group, friends, and family.

Just yesterday she came moping into where I was with a test paper for me to grade. “Why the sad face?” I asked. I assumed she must have had a problem with the test. Then came the biggest tears as she revealed that soon she 20170317_101938.jpgwould not have Mrs. Reese anymore as her teacher. Oh my, oh my! It has been a great year of learning, and we can’t imagine a better teacher than Mrs. Reese! All those fun times, art projects (the latest being a aquarium scene – that’s it in the pic with AbiNoelle making her “fishy” face), song time, Bible lessons have made for some precious memories for kindergarten.

Now, with just a few lessons to go, we are busy packaging up a new set of grades to submit to A Beka Academy and preparing to take the Stanford Achievement Tests.20170311_100619.jpg

Stay tuned…year-end pictures, graduation cap and gown, report cards…coming soon!