What are you thinking?

Is there such a thing as Holy Imagination?

The imagination of a child is unique and many times, unmatched. In this day, with mesmerizing stimulation forefront in daily activities, a child’s imagination can look like a withered, yellowed plant burdened and depressed by bugs, environment, predators and the like. AbiNoelle’s mind, rarely so encumbered, is always spinning and whirling with ideas, thoughts, stories and questions all spurred by an audio story, family activities and conversations, and, now the chapter books she is easily devouring. This thinking recently related Scriptural truths to, you guessed it, a truck, boogers, and a window!

That is to say – “A truck-load of blessings,” “boogers in the nose,” and the “Glory window!”

That “Truck-load of Blessings” came as we did our morning Bible reading in II Samuel 7. David requested of the Lord to build a beautiful house for the ark of God, but through the prophet Nathan, he is told that not he but his son will build the House of God. A seeming let-down, yet God promised blessings to David and his family so abundantly  that the next twelve verses are a prayer of thanksgiving and praise. AbiNoelle’s take-away was: “Mommy, that’s just like us! We get up in the morning thinking, ‘Ho-hum…just another day with a blessing or two.’ And then, what does God do? He brings us a truck-load of blessings we were never even expecting!”

“Boogers in the Nose” came out [pun intended] as Daddy read the nightly devotions. He was explaining the Holy Spirit’s work in our lives, when AbiNoelle interrupted and said, “It’s kind of like our nose!”

“How do you figure that?” Daddy asked.

“Well, before we get saved, we have all this sin inside us that needs cleaning out – that’s the boogers in our nose. Then when we ask Jesus to be our Saviour, He comes in and cleans us all up – Just like when we blow our nose and all that yucky stuff comes out. It’s a wonderful thing…we feel so much better afterwords. So…the Holy Spirit helps us keep ourselves all cleaned up….cause we don’t like it when boogers get in our nose!”

The Glory Window came out of the blue one day while playing. In came AbiNoelle to the kitchen and said, “Mommy, do you think when I got saved that God opened the “Glory Window” of Heaven and let Dr. J. Royce Thomason (founder of the ministry in which we serve) see me getting saved? I think he would have liked that!”

Oh…if every work that we did here on this earth would be worthy of the Lord opening up the Glory Window for the saints to catch a glimpse of it all!

These “thoughts” remind me of the verse she just read to me from her Abeka reading book:

…stand still, and consider the wondrous works of God. Job 37:14

Far too often we feel too busy to “stand still” and think on wonderful, heavenly things, but THANK THE LORD for a small child with all her wiggles and chatter to bring us to a point of stillness so that we can see God.