Fun, Springtime Swinging
It was a busy day…school, errands, doctor’s appointment…and then, it happened! The making of a lesson-learning, memorable moment thanks to a restaurant advertisement and the mind of a six-year-old.

Her mind is constantly working and digesting all that is around her. The questions are never-ending, and Mommy has become quite more adept at saying, “Why, that’s the perfect question for Daddy tonight at supper,” or “That sure sounds like a PopPop question to me!” Mommy is the smartest of them all, you know (wink, wink!). With these questions have come some serious topics (at least they seem “serious” to be coming from a six-year-old; however when faced with THIS ole world everything just seems to be plastered all around you! Just the other day, in lieu of dressing up for a school project, we entered into the realm of shoulderless dresses. (It is quite disgusting how you must pass up so many of the “little girl” princess paraphernalia due to scanty and suggestive attire!) It was my privilege, as Mommy, to share in detail from God’s Word, how precious we are to Him as daughters of the King and because we are truly heirs, He has given us specific details regarding our dress that help us to choose outfits befitting a royal child. From there, we applied God’s words to our hair, face, nails, clothes,  to “how about some high-heeled shoes, Mommy!” Before you know it, she’ll hear that Joyce Meyers said tattoos are fine and be wanting to know “What is that anyway!” Mercy ME! (oops, now that topic’s for another blog!) Our fun little “dress-up” conversation was only stopped due to Daddy walking in for supper!

These “influences” are always abounding, and many times the Devil uses these to try to convince us that we can’t be happy or that our fun will be cramped if we can’t go to certain places or do all the “fun” looking things others offer us. For AbiNoelle, she has already been informed about many of the so-called “fun” places by well-meaners, yet those are places that we as a family have chosen not to visit. Perhaps we do not go because the place has an ungodly reputation, or numerous less-than-edifying influences, maybe it’s not wholesome, possibly other Christians have advised against it, or maybe there’s just something better we can do anyway. A quick “no” can suffice in answer to all the “Why can’t I go there?” Yet a rule without ever returning to the heart of the Biblical matter raises a weak-kneed Christian who touts a bucket list of “rules” that he can break and still be O.K. with God.  However, explaining such in light of Biblical principles that our six-year-old can grasp and apply builds a solid foundation on which she can raise and wave that standard high.

And then…it happens…and you thank the Lord for those everyday, little occurrences that ring that same bell. We had just sat down at a local eatery when the Holy Spirit began to do a work in her own heart, reminding her of all that Mommy and Daddy had explained, all while she was reading the advertisement on the restaurant’s table.

You see, we were munching away when AbiNoelle began reading the detailed history of the restaurant. The story ended by telling the customer that due to the owners’ personal experiences, they now chose to use the profits of their restaurant to help children without families.

“Wow,” said AbiNoelle, “I didn’t know how important it was where you ate at!”

What do you mean,” I remarked as I quickly shoveled in a bite and gave AmiJoy her bottle.

“It says here that they give their money to children who don’t have families. That’s a good thing. We need to come eat here a lot!”

“Ohh,” I looked, now catching up and sensing a teaching opportunity. “See…didn’t we tell you that people who own a business use the money they make for different things. Some things are good things or things that would please God. Other owners use their money for things that the Bible says are sins. So… if we go to THAT business and help THAT owner make money, then we could really be helping out the BAD things! That’s why we should really try hard to go places that support or buy things that would be pleasing to God.” You could almost see the gears and wheels clicking and turning inside that brain as she applied that which had been taught at earlier times.

“Well, this is not a bad thing! AND they sure do have good ice cream, so I think we should come again!”

And THAT’S wisdom from a six-year-old.

…And this six-year-old is now proudly standing tall as an official second-grader. Due to the coming of our new AmiJoy, we started school a little earlier, just in case the unforeseen set us back in our schoolwork. However, the Lord has greatly blessed, school progressed seamlessly, she has finished with flying colors, and now all that’s left is achievement tests and waiting…waiting…waiting for the new second grade material to arrive from Abeka. She is so excited to “meet” Mrs. Chappell. It’s even more awesome to know that Mommy spent a semester teaching with Mrs. Chappell, and it is she who taught Mommy our wonderful “Skinamarinky dinky dink – I love you” song!

In the midst of it all, we enjoyed an early time around the table with family remembering His resurrection. #HELIVES


A quick stop to take a break and check out some fish!

Last day of First Grade! Saying goodbye to Miss Howe and all her friends.


And the growing and learning continues…..