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The Book Choice Makes the Difference

God’s World – what an appropriate title for a child’s first science book! AbiNoelle has soaked up each lesson this semester with Mrs. Reese as they have observed, explored, and examined. Each day has been filled with eye-popping pictures, the “WOW!” experiments, real-life stories, things to feel, see, and taste – What FUN! And it all has been centered around a simple phrase, Continue reading “The Book Choice Makes the Difference”

It’s that time of year

20170311_104131.jpgWho ever knew a kid could be so excited about achievement tests! Well, leave it to AbiNoelle to get excited about a test. It’s hard to believe that we are within a month of completing the K5 school year! Soon our little worker will finish that last page of seatwork (What a RELIEF!), look back at all she has accomplished this year, and with a smile of satisfaction be able to enjoy a good time of celebration with our homeschool group, friends, and family.

Just yesterday she came moping into where I was with a test paper Continue reading “It’s that time of year”

I’d Rather Be Mommy Book Review

Don’t you love a good book? It has been a strong goal of ours to develop a love of learning in our daughter and one way of accomplishing that has been to provide good books and stories, whether it be in print, digital, or audio versions. AbiNoelle never turns down a good story! That’s why we agreed to a book review of I’d Rather Be Your Mommy by the Home School Adventure Co. Continue reading “I’d Rather Be Mommy Book Review”

Eclectic Foundations Review

She can read! Wow! Through a phonetic approach, AbiNoelle’s reading skills are soaring. Everywhere we go she is reading something. Storybooks bring lots of excitement, and how special it is to be able to go to the library for her to pick books that she can read on her own. That’s why we agreed to review Eclectic Foundations – it is phonics based and provides a great resource for extra reading practice using the morally sound and time-tested McGuffey Readers which were used throughout American education until the 1960s when phonics was rejected and replaced with the Look-Say method.

Language Arts {Eclectic Foundations }Eclectic Foundations does not offer grade differentiated books but simply continues the pattern established by McGuffey of graduated levels based on ability. Book Levels A – I (currently levels A – C are the only levels offered on their website, with more to be added in the future) generally feature material for first grade through a senior year in college, respectively. According to their website, Eclectic Foundations recommends beginning with Level A unless the student is comfortable reading CVC (Consonant-Vowel-Consonant) words. AbiNoelle, having almost completed an entire kindergarten program based on a strong phonetic foundation, is very speedy with one vowel words and is smoothly reading stories that also include two-vowel and sight words. Therefore, based on the websites recommendations, we requested Eclectic Foundations Language Arts Level B. Therefore, the comments of this review are based solely on the use of the Level B material and not any other levels offered. The Eclectic Foundations program is not simply a reproduction of the McGuffey Readers, but endeavors to be a complete Language Arts program including reading portions from the McGuffey Readers, cursive writing exercises, Poetry, reading comprehension, and grammar skills. As the writer of the curriculum indicates, much of the foundation of the program are found in the public domain; however, clearly much time has been given to compiling and organizing the material into simple to use lessons. The Level B complete package included:

  1. The Teacher’s Guide – outlines 144 simply lessons to complete using the student workbook, phonics practice sheets, and word cards.
  2. The Student Workbook – includes poetry, lined areas for cursive writing practice, and very simple grammar exercises.
  3. Phonics Practice Sheets – 17 laminated sheets for practicing writing/forming words using basic phonics sounds and patterns.
  4. Phonics Cards – cardstock sheets containing 10 word cards each which should be cut and colored to teach various parts of speech
  5. First Eclectic Reader in the McGuffey Series

Each item listed above is simply printed in a monochrome fashion with each book being spiral bound for ease of use. Eclectic Foundations offers the option of purchasing all the items as described, downloading a pdf version of the items, or a mixed package depending upon the purchaser’s budget.

Upon receiving our material in the mail, AbiNoelle was quite excited to begin reading her new McGuffey reading book. Each lesson is simply formatted and we were able to complete them in 5-10 minutes. After working through several weeks of lessons, here are a few conclusion thoughts:


The McGuffey selections were at a great reading level for AbiNoelle and she enjoyed reading every selection.

The Poetry selections were interesting and fun to discuss. The Teacher’s Guide gave excellent comprehension questions to ask the students which served as a great starting point for further discussion.

AbiNoelle enjoyed working to color code the word cards according to the various parts of speech being learned.

AbiNoelle always looked forward to using dry erase markers to practice words on the Laminated Phonics Worksheets.


The overall curriculum and guide are simply formatted; however, it seems slightly confusing that each aspect of the lesson (i.e. phonics word cards, phonics practice sheets, reading selections, poetry, cursive writing) are not correlated to work together. In fact, if one preferred, you could use each area by itself.

Although we appreciated this programs attempt at introducing grammar concepts at an earlier stage than most curriculums, the method of introducing multiple parts of speech at the same time and learning those parts of speech based on the color coding of words without the context of a sentence seemed at best to give an introduction to the idea of grammar, but certainly not give a concrete understanding of the concept. (NOTE: The Teacher’s Guide does suggest that by the end of the 144 lessons, the student will have a good grasp of the concepts using the fore-mentioned method; however, of course, we have not completed all the lessons and cannot verify that assertion.)

The Teacher’s guide lays out each lesson very clearly; however, it seems it is needful for the teacher to independently create ways to convey the material to the student in a way that he/she will understand. For example, in Lesson 4 the Teacher’s Guide states: “Is is a verb (green). A verb expresses action or state of being. On is a preposition (blue). A preposition shows the relationship between a noun or pronoun and other words in a sentence.” AbiNoelle did not understand “expresses action,” “state of being,” or “relationship between a noun or pronoun;” therefore we had to work beyond the curriculum plans to explain these concepts, otherwise she would have just been memorizing a list of words to be certain parts of speech of which she would have had no idea as to what all that meant.


The Reading and Poetry selections were an excellent source of extra practice and learning. The laminated sheets were a fun addition. Including the grammar concepts into each lesson at this stage was a great idea, but needed further teaching and practice than what was indicated in the lesson guides. To be able to download all material for $30 is a great resource!

Language Arts {Eclectic Foundations Reviews}

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Should homeschooling be a “federal right”?

I was a teenager and we were traveling throughout the awesome prairie and beautiful Rocky Mountains of Canada working with homeschoolers and Christian schools, when I was first introduced to the idea of vouchers. At first, many deemed it a blessing from God as the government freely and easily doled out hundreds and many times thousands of dollars to homeschool families each year to purchase curriculum, technology, or any other supplies for their school year. The money was so great initially and the regulations so few, that many families were actually burdened to find enough educational material for their children to use up all the funds given. As we observed, it became the set-up for the perfect

Continue reading “Should homeschooling be a “federal right”?”

How we do Family Bible Time

20170131_135705.jpgHow many talents did the servant who had been given five end up with at the very end of the story? Do you know? It’s Bible time at our house, and it’s neck and neck to climb the rainbow to the cross.  Thanks to Uncle Scott and Aunt Kate’s Christmas present, we have been having such fun testing each other’s Bible knowledge. Guess who’s winning? Continue reading “How we do Family Bible Time”

AbiNoelle’s Inauguration Day


It’s Inauguration Day! (Yes, we had to ask “What day is it, today?” about ten times before we learned that big word.)


From the exit at Blair House to the church service and then on to the Capitol, we took it all in somewhat in between all our regular school subjects.We even created a special Americana schoolwork area to help us get our classwork done and get in the spirit of this historical event.

Getting ready to sing “God Bless America” on the Capitol steps.

The pageanty and significance make this an awesome event in history to view, but all the more real for AbiNoelle since she has personally walked those Capitol halls, stood in the Rotunda, and has sung on the steps of the Capitol!







Today, she clapped, and listened, and held her hand on her heart as we watched America enter a new era.

She learned as we created a special Inauguration Day book and practiced terms like, oath, Inauguration, Vice-President, Commander-in-Chief, and more!

She reflected on all that she had seen and heard:

I’m sure his [Trump’s] children are very proud of him!

Look at all those police guards!

If I were there, I would sit right next to Donald J. Trump.

Ahhh, her[Mrs.Trump] dress is so pretty.

If I were President, I would run this country like God told me to.

(When Trump said there was a new vision — America First — AbiNoelle said:) What’s America Second?

He[Trump] has such strong, great, powerful words….It’s just amazing!

I’m sure she [Mrs.Obama] must be sad, right now because her husband is not President anymore and he’s going to have to go get a job now so he can pay for their groceries.

(She even got a little mesmerized during Trump’s Inaugural Address and began to mimic all his hand gestures – that was too funny!)

Inauguration Day 2017! We are thankful to be an American and glad we could use this day as a teaching moment in Kindergarten! We pray for President Trump, his family, Vice-President Pence and his family. God Bless America!

The new MLK. Are you bottom-up or top-down? What leads you – a hashtag?

20170117_094317.jpgThe day was off to a typical start – Our DVD program began with Mrs. Reese welcoming the boys and girls to class for the day and the printer was humming with Mommy’s work efforts in the office. As Bible Time concluded, a pensive yet slightly emotional AbiNoelle rushed to my side and spilled out the depths of her heart in just four simple words. Continue reading “The new MLK. Are you bottom-up or top-down? What leads you – a hashtag?”

Adding a few extras

Memories were made and miles logged over this CHRISTmas season, and now, it is January 2017 with regular school days back in session, albeit, with a fresh little bit of spice for life in some new resources AbiNoelle enjoyed during the break. Some of the “NEW” expanded her imagination, others stretched those brain cells, but one we share and review today, Continue reading “Adding a few extras”

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