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Never say “No, don’t, stop, or not that way!”

20160909_145818.jpgSo here we are in a local play area as a special reward for completing several responsibilities, munching on our lunch and anticipating the playtime to come, when in squeals a little one followed by his family. Of course, the little boy’s straight path to the slide was followed by older sister’s  yells and mother’s quite colorful language insisting upon his eating first before play. The whole exhibition to follow was mesmerizing to Mommy and AbiNoelle. Continue reading “Never say “No, don’t, stop, or not that way!””

Should you mark that answer wrong?

With a bounce of curls, bright eyes, and a confident smile, she presented the worksheet to her teacher. “Did I do good?” questioned the eager face. To the capable eye, the error was clear, yet not wanting to cloud the happiness, hesitation wondered, “Must I mark that wrong?”
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AbiNoelle Votes!

“Daddy, what’s the Constitution?”

In preparation for an upcoming trip to D.C., Daddy has been giving some before-bed history lessons. As we entered the “Birth of America” period, the brain wheels were cranking for AbiNoelle. It was during this lesson, that AbiNoelle decided how she would vote and gave her opinion about the Constitution. Wait until you hear the answer. Look out Washington D.C. – here comes AbiNoelle!

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The pig that wasn’t and the needle that was!

In the short, since our last blog, life has consisted of a rusty needle, lots of smiles, pigs that weren’t, books, clubs, and grasshoppers. Sounds like a true homeschooler, right? Got a little chuckle when we recently saw this cartoon: Continue reading “The pig that wasn’t and the needle that was!”

Definition of Family/ Husband & Wife Night

Just the other night, AbiNoelle proclaimed that it was Husband and Wife Night! For some that could be akin to the kindergarten teacher explaining how SHE and her WIFE cook together, spend time together, live together, etc. and then cunningly proposing to the class the question of whether or not THEY were a FAMILY. The books King and King and King, King, and Family further aggrandize the agenda. For AbiNoelle, when Mommy responded: “Yippee!…..what does that mean?”, in her own confident way she said, “Well, it means that…

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